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Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Flickr Top Ten - No. 10

Caravan - Open Side View by Alennka
Caravan - Open Side View, a photo by Alennka on Flickr.

As you probably know, I use Flickr.com to share photos of my miniatures (and some other stuff) on the 'net. I was looking at my Stats on Flickr and realised that my ten most viewed photos were a very odd bunch. So I've decided to share with you which photos they are in a series of posts.

This photo is the tenth most looked at in my Flickr account. It's a shot of my gypsy style caravan when not quite complete. The caravan was built from scratch out of balsa wood and foam board. Unlike some of the other photo's I'll be showing you later on, this is one I can understand being so popular.


  1. El carromato es precioso, con razón esta en la "top ten·!
    Una pregunta... What are the little green squares?
    Un abrazo

  2. Hi Rosamargarita,

    The green squares are tiles. They are lining the oven / fireplace to prevent the rest of the caravan going up in flames!

    Or in other words:

    Las plazas verdes son las baldosas. Ellos se están alineando el horno / chimenea para evitar que el resto de la caravana en llamas!

    I hope that makes sense.