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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Return to the Witch Shop

After dedicating my time and effort to the castle for the past month it was time to turn my attention back to the Witch Shop this week.  Even Ginny the cat was eager to help make a start, luckily DHE kits are strong and sturdy!

I'm having trouble writing about this week's progress because most of it was just fiddling about not really worth talking about.  Beyond that I had another (and for the shop I think final) session with polymer clay, creating a few more odds and ends for the shop, none of which are ready to go in the shop yet because they all need finishing off (painting, embelshing, clothing, etc).

Some balsa wood beams were added in the Reading room which gave me a place to hang a subtlely appropriate light fitting.  (Why is it appropriate?  Count the number of points on the star and think of shapes sterotypically associated with witches.)  The light is made from jewellery finding and is of course non working.  Boris the Bat is settling in at the left end of the beams and is waiting for his journals and papers to arrive.  I've added some fancy trim around the top of the bookshelves, added a coat rack with some cloaks and hats and just gernerally filled up the room with lots of shiny, colourful bits and pieces.

Inside the opening front panel of the shop I've finished filling up the shelves in the top floor "jut out" with books and a few scrolls.  In the bay window is a shiny gold orrery "borrowed" from the old castle.  I really have been merciless in my pilphering from the old castle, but the more I take out, the more I have an excuse to change when I start ro renovate it.  At first, the idea was just to tidy a few things up, switch a few rooms about and that was it.  At the moment I'm contemplating moving walls and staircases, cutting holes in floors and walls for extra stairwells, doors and windows and re-dressing all the people.  Still, the plans for the Old Castle haven't gotten as . . . extreme . . . as the plans for the other property I'm planing to renovate.  The Georgian House is currently three floors high, there is a good chance it will be four or five by the time I finish with it this time. That's the problem with plans you don't start work on right away, they tend to grow while waiting for you to get around to them.  That's why I'm hoping to finish the Witch Shop in one month.  Launceston Show Day is the first Thursday in October and my current goal is to have the shop finished by then so that I can start on something else before the plans for castle/house/Retreat have time to grow anymore!


  1. Ah, back to the witch house. Great. I see you got some help as well. My cat used to always be around. I loved it....

  2. Looks fantastic and the idea for the bookcase works wonderfully! Its a pain making all the books though huh? I have hundreds to make for my Dumbeldore bookcase and its taking me an age! Kate xxx

  3. love it!!! great idea adding the beams! loads of inspiration!!!! :D Linda x