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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Roof - Part Two

Still working on the roof . . . .

 I've finished the clay tiles on the back of the roof and moulded some "fins" out of air dry clay to decorate the ends of each ridge beam.

 When the clay was dry, it was given a couple of coats of blue paint.

It still needs a few coats of gloss to make it look like shiny glazed tiles and all the edges need trim running around them to finish them off.

Meanwhile on the inside of the Folly I've made the downstairs walls a similar colour to the roof.  As the walls are quite sedate, I figured I could go crazy on the ceiling and used a quilting fabric with an oriental smoke pattern to cover it.  The stairs that came with the kit are positivly the most ugly things you've ever seen, so I made my own from balsa wood and painted them red.  I can't decide what to do for a stair railing, so as I rather like them as is, I've decided to do without.  Some of the Oriental artifacts I've collected for this project have lodged in the room for safe-keeping.

 Out the front of the folly, I decided to put the front steps back at the front centre, so have taken out the centre section of railing and filled in the end.

And finally, I'm still finishing off my 1:1 redecorating.  This pair of dragon sconces were painted years ago to match the colour scheme the repainted room was then.  Before re-hanging them this time I added some accents with the metallic purple I used on the wall to help tie them in.  Here you see one original and one retouched dragon.  And in case you think there's something odd about this photo . . . . there is.  It's upside down.


  1. Your roof is Awesome!!! and I love the dragons.


  2. The roof is great. I love the stairs. The dragons are wonderful.
    Hugs Maria

  3. The straws on the roof were a genius idea - they've proved really effective to the overall look and the dragons are marvellous. The colour are just right.

  4. I LOVE your roof, Alennka! The straws worked really well! And I Love your colors too!