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Saturday, November 12, 2011

For the Attention of Australians

When I checked my emails this morning I received one from the people at Dolls House Emporium announcing they had launched an Australian version of their site.  After a split second of pure exhilaration, I realised this was not an Australian based DHE store and somewhat disapointingly everything ordered from it still has to come all the way from the UK, but it does list everything in Australian dollars and makes it clear what us Aussies have to pay in postage; a flat $12 fee for orders under $100 or free for orders over $100.  It also lists the expected delivery times to Australia.  What mystifies me is why on the 12th of November DHE are launching a new site that clearly says enter our Weird and Wacky competition when entries for that competition closed on the 31st of October.  I guess because in most respects, this "new" site is just a carbon copy of the main DHE site and the admins of the main site have been too slack to keep that one up to date.

You will find the Aussie version of DHE here.

In other Aussie news, Fairy Meadow Miniature in Sydney has recently started stocking a small selection of Greenleaf houses.  Luckily none of the houses they have at the moment are on my "ohhhh, I've got to have it" list or I would have spent way too much money by now, but hopefully the range they carry will be expanded in the future.

Find Fairy Meadow Miniatures here

Finally, the Little Doll House which is located right here in Tassie has finally launched their online store.  Their range is somewhat . . . . shall we say pedestrian.  They carry a good range of the basics, but don't seem to have a lot in the way of special features or pre-victorian items.  They do have a selection of DHE products (including Christmas items) for those of you who don't want to wait for shipping from the UK.

Find the Little Doll House here


  1. Thanks for the updates, I didn't get the email or managed to lose it before opening it! That means we have to order more for free postage because I think it is around US$60 at the moment(?)

    Off to check out Fairy Meadows new houses!

  2. It probably costs them more to ship to us as it's further away than the US, so they made the free post threshold higher to compensate. Still, it is a bit of a cheek raising the price like that. I wonder if it's still $60US if we buy from the original site?

  3. Hi Folks,

    Thanks for the feedback about the email and the website, I've passed it directly to our web team who will be correcting any errors.

    Regarding the postage costs, we've updated the prices to be in Australian dollars as opposed to USA dollars, and there is no longer a shipping charge on any order over $100, this includes dolls' house kits. So whilst the threshold is higher (which is a shame I agree), the higher level means those of you wanting dolls' house direct from us can have them at a much better rate!

    We will also be providing a returns service within Australian borders, please stay tuned for more information!

    Thanks again for the feedback, it's important for us to keep improving the service and products we offer so keep it coming.

    Amy Purser
    Sales and Marketing Manager
    The Dolls House Emporium

  4. I was just coming by to pass that on about the dolls houses being included but the DHE beat me to it. I think it was safer when the extra postage put them right out of my price range. :D

  5. Very true Christine. It's times like this I'm glad DHE has canned all the best houses.