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Friday, November 23, 2012

Opinions Please

My plan is to finish all the projects I'm currently working on before Christmas and then spend my Christmas break getting a good head start on the next project.  The only problem is, what will the next project be?  I have two very different ideas and can't choose which to do first.  The details of the two ideas are below, will you please read through them and let me know which you would like to see first?

Option One:  The Boutique and Tea Room

This idea is inspired by DHE's "Corner Shop" kit.  I had a vision of how this kit might look if two were joined back to back to create one big shop.  The concept then altered slightly to have two ground floor kits joined in one large shop and a single top floor kit above with a large balcony for al fresco dining.  When I considered all the alterations I'd have to do to the basic kit, I decided it would be simpler and cheaper to make my own from scratch.

The ground floor shop will be a ladies boutique filled with dresses displayed on manequins, shoes, gloves, jewellery, perfumes, hats, lingerie and anything else needed for a glamorous night out.  I am considering putting it in a 30s or 50s setting, or at least sometime when glamour was "in".  I think I can make a round sofa (like you sometimes see in Victorian era hotel lobbies) to use as a "husband waiting couch".

Above the boutique will be a tea room accessed via an outdoor stairway.  The door into the tea room will be at the top of the stairs.  The room you walk into will have a serving counter, a few tables, displays of some cakes (etc) and perhaps a display stand showing off a collection of tea pots.  Double french doors will lead out the far side of the room onto the outdoor dining area partly shaded by creeping vines on a pergola.  Planter boxes will provide space for additional flowers.  It will be a tranquil place to enjoy a quiet cup of tea and a slice of cake.

Option Two:  The Apothecary

The Bakery
About three years ago, I made "the Bakery".  It is a house built ontop of a box containing some subterranean chambers under the house.  The main underground chamber houses a "bake kitchen" where breads and other goods are baked and them sold in the street level shop above.  I was looking at it recently and had the idea to make another similar house with underground chamber.  Instead of a Bakery, this one will be an Apothecary.  The underground chamber will house the "preparation room" where various potions and herbal mixes are prepared.  There will be drying herbs hanging from the ceiling, a table full of distillation equipment (think mad scientist) and hot plate/burner for heating preparations and rows of shelves to store various herbs and other ingreidents.

Above the preparation room will be a street level shop to sell the medicines and potitions prepared below.  Above the shop will either be a residence for the apothecary or a room rented out, possibly to an alchemist who uses the space to pursue his arcane experiements (possibly borrowing some of the equipment and potions of the apothecary to do so).

I'm thinking there should be a slight fantasy twist, possibly in the form of some mischevious little dragons causing havoc in the preparation room.

So, those are the two choices.  Which do you like best?  I've added a poll to my sidebar (at the top right of the blog).  Please let me know what you think by casting your vote.


  1. I know it would make more since to do the Apothecary as you already have the building - but I love the idea of the Boutique!

  2. I like the Boutigue idea too, but you'd be better off making the apothecary since you have the building. might as well get it out of your head and into the real world :)

  3. Thanks for the replies folks, but one thing I must not have made clear - the Apothecary won't be in the Bakery building or replacing the Bakery, it will be totally separate to it, just made in a similar (but hopefully better) way.