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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Something New, Something Not Quite As New

At long last the Dragon Wizard finally has the beginings of a Lair, even if there is a long way to go before it's truely habitable.  The back wall and floor of the Lair are covered with images taken from the internet.  The floor is a single seamless tile pattern repeated over the whole floor while the backdrop on the wall is actually a free desktop background.  Both were printed on high quality paper and applied with wallpaper paste. The floor has a couple of coats of high gloss varnish to both protect it and give it a more glossly tile like look.  The back wall was finished off with a railing made from balsa wood and some "sliding" screens (glued firmly and unmovably in place) to give the illusion that the view can be closed off.

The ceiling is covered in a cotton fabric which may be familiar to you if you can remember as far back as Castle Starcaster.  With pattern on the floor and ceiling, the walls are being left a sedate and boring beige colour.  Plain, neutral walls doesn't really sound like me does it?  Not to worry, you won't be able to see too much of them by the time I'm finished, I promise.

I'm not altering the basic kit too much for the Lair, but there are a few changes being made.  First off, the side door has been blocked off as it just makes arranging things inside too awkward.  The next change is the roof.  The basic kit is designed to be accessed by lifting off the whole roof.  I hate roof only access so the plan is to leave the front panel removable.  To do this and to get a good view of the inside the roof still needs to lift at the front, but there's no need to lift away the whole roof, so the rear roof panel has been cut about 1 1/2" from the peak.  The lower section has been glued in place while the upper part has been glued to the front panel.  This forms a hook over the apex enabling the front roof to sit in place and be removed without the need to remove the whole rear roof.

 The front of the Lair will have a narrow porch added and the french doors supplied with the kit will be adapted to sliding doors.  Overall, the Lair will (hopefully) have a Japanese feel to it which will help stop it becoming a copy of the Oriental Folly (which has a more Chinese influence).

 Better late than never, I've finally remembered to photograph the extra window added to Pennicott's.  As you can see the the paint job is a bit wavery and the colour and size aren't quite a match to the other windows, but this window is a vast improvement over a blank wall.

 Okay, so the Magician's Lookout and Pennicott's really don't look right side by side.  Just be amazed that I actually found space for Pennicott's at all.

And one last look at the inside before we move onto to other things . . . . .

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