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Monday, May 6, 2013

Walled In

Bellerose House is starting to take shape with all the internal walls and structures added and the new rooms added over the Sitting room.

In the Dining room, the floor has been raised at the back of the room.  This raised area is where the "entry hall" will be with the "front door" in the centre of the back wall.  The two holes in the floor are where I was going to put two stairs down into the dining area of the room, but I've veered back to the original plan of having one set of steps directly in front of the front door.  A fake door in the side wall (next to the lady in red) will allow "access" to the kitchen.

Next door in the kitchen the rear of the room is also raised up a step.  A fake corridor will run behind the oven to connect to the dining room.  The raised rear area will house the scullery while the kitchen proper will be at the front of the room.

Directly above the dining room is the sitting room.  This is all on one level, but has a fake wall at the back to create the illusion of a corridor running behind.  The doorway will be decorated with a fretwork arch and be left open (no door) allowing a view of the corridor.

 Connecting to the Sitting room is the Rec room.  I've used a fake wall in here to create two recessed windows which will have built in bench seats under them.  Between the windows is a fireplace.  I was going to split the function of this room three ways to be a pool/games room, a study and an art studio, but looking at the space and trying to visualise a pool table in it, I don't think there will be room for all three.  Either the study or the art studio (or both) may have to be moved upstairs.

Above the Rec room is the Bedroom.  There's yet another fake wall here creating a short passage between the main part of the room and the door on the real back wall.  I did this just to make it really hard to arrange the furniture in the room nicely.

Finally, next to the bedroom, two new rooms have been built on.  On the right is the bathroom featuring the bathrrom suite I bought at the local doll bear and miniature fair last month while the left room could either be a second bedroom or study or art studio or a combination of these, I'll make a final decision on this after I decide what will and won't work in the Rec room.

Next up I need to refinish the exterior to make the extension blend in while I wait for all the goodies I've ordered to decorate the house to arrive.  Hopefully I'll be able to show you at least some of these goodies next week.


  1. Oh, still a lot of work but it already looks interesting. It is such fun! Mini hugs, Natalia

  2. it's all coming together nicely!

  3. Hi I love the filigree or fretwork wood pieces, where do you get them from please

    1. Hi Charlene,

      Some of the fretwork pieces came from Fairy Meadow Miniatures. http://fairymeadowminiatures.com.au/hardware/accessories-en-2-3-4/laser-cut-window-door-fretwork-3-piece-set-75-x-75mm-and-20-x-29mm.html

      Some are from my local craft store and are actually scrapbooking decorations.

      Finally some, like the rectangular panel in the bathroom, came from ebay from a seller who seems to have since disappeared making these particular panels incredibly hard to find now.