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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Finished . . . but not Finished

After a couple of weeks of making furniture I've finally finished building all the furniture for the house, although it all still needs to be finished (painted, stained and upholstered).  The second bedroom now has a monsterous dresser as well as a bed.  The dresser is mostly balsa wood with a pair of ready made bedside drawers built into it.  The blank centre area will house a full length mirror.

 When I first put the finished dresser into the room, I thought it was way too large for such a small space, but then I removed the dressing table from the end of the bed and replaced it with a smaller washstand 'borrowed' from an earlier house and I think it will work.  I'll see what I think when its been painted before I make a final decision on whether this piece of furniture will go in this room or not.

What about the dressing table?  That has been squeezed into the bathroom next door.  It's made from balsa wood with some turnings for legs and a mirror cut off a ready made chest of drawers.

The chairs in the Rec room need to be upholstered before they can be fully assembled, so don't look like much at the moment.

 In the Dining room there is a new (deeper) console table at the right front door and a settle to the left of it.  Over each of these is a new window.

 The kitchen has the most new furniture this week.  The table out of the pre-renovation kitchen has been shortened by a couple of centimetres to fit into the new space a little better.

The old hutch/dresser is going to make a return as well.  The legs on this piece never looked quite right so I cut them off and built a cupboard beneath the hutch instead.  I used a pair of doors taken off a shelf unit I used a while ago (Highcroft Castle, I think).  The solid back of the upper shelves was cut away so that more of the lovely wall tiles will be visible in the finished kitchen.

On the opposite wall of the kitchen there is now an ice box made from a cardboard box, balsawood strips and one lonely wainscot panel that has been hanging about for almost as long as I've been dollshousing.  Beside this is a simple desk for the housekeeper and a small open shelf unit.  I haven't quite decided whether to add a hutch or some kind of shelving over the desk.

At the back of the kitchen, the original sink is going back into place and over this will be a new dish rack (currently sitting in the sink).  On the back wall is another shelf unit, again open backed to show off the tiles.

Phew . . . . Now I just have one question . . . . What colour/s should it all be??


  1. Wow, you have been so busy. So much furniture. Your house is going to look great. Indypoppy

  2. Un trabajo estupendo, me encantan los muebles.
    Un abrazo.

  3. wow, you really did a lot of work. maybe you can paint it blue? or a nice yellowish green to match the tiles?


  4. Great progress. I like everything.
    Greetings, Faby