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Monday, July 15, 2013

Fully Furnished

I spent this week finishing up work on the furniture and can now state that Bellerose House is Fully Furnished.  The house is now ready for the mini residents to start moving in their personal nick-nacks and then eventually they themselves can move in.

In the second bedroom the dressing table has been repainted to match the bed.  I added tall legs under a 1/24th scale tallboy to create a 1/12th scale lingerie (or maybe jewellery?) chest and painted this to match as well.  As I've been re-arranging the furniture in the main bedroom again, the polyresin chair that I had been going to use in there has instead moved into the second bedroom and been repainted to suit.

Next door in the bathroom is a new towel rail which is rather lopsided, but will be hidden under a burden of towels.

The Master Bedroom has been re-arranged again.  This time it will stay this way.  Hopefully.  My next challenge in this room is trying to find some fabric to recover the bed that will work with the patterned wallpaper and painted bed.

In the Rec Room the armchairs are . . . well . . .just plain ugly.  They would look better upholstered in leather, but I haven't found a source of thin, supple leather that ships to Australia at a reasonable rate, so they are stuck in velveteen for the forseeable future.

Next door the Sitting  Room suite has been recovered in a forest green velveteen.  I'm thinking of using the same fabric to create a rug for the floor in here.

A new addition to the room is a firescreen.  This was made from a simple rectangular scrapbooking frame with some feet cut from balsa wood and a mediveal style tapestry print.  Sadly, the screen isn't quite large enough to totally hide the ugly fireplace.

 Now it's time to fill up all those shelves and cover up the blank surfaces with lots of accessories and ornaments.


  1. Que bonita te ha quedado!!!! los nuevos detalles y cambios son geniales!!

  2. It all looks so nice. I really like the way you use and re-use items in unexpected ways. Re: the game room chairs - I've seen where people use gesso to paint over fabric to make faux mini leather furniture. Several coats of gesso followed by paint of choice and seal with Mod Podge or similar. Maybe that would work for your chairs. The velveteen would give some texture to the "leather" but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

  3. Your house looks wonderful. I like the furniture and details.
    Greetings, Faby