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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Still Towering

As usual, I had trouble deciding which of the the next two rooms of the Tower of Magic to start next.  As usual, I solved the problem by making a start on both.  Above is a photo of the "Wizard's Lab".  This will be where spells are enacted, potitions brewed and other magic conducted.  The walls and floor have been covered with Pollyfilla scored to resemble stone blocks which now need to be sanded an painted.  A ledge or shelf will run around the wall about 1 1/2" from the ceiling above which the walls will be covered with a solid paper.  In the corner is a fireplace topped with the kitchen hood that was part of the freebie package Lorraine at Fairy Meadow Miniatures sent me last year.

The second room is what will be the "Master's Chamber" (i.e. bedroom).  Normally when I do a bedroom it ends up very girly whether or not I intend it to when I start it.  This will be a strictly masculine bedroom fit for the master magician who leads the community of the Tower.  At least that's the plan.  At this point only the wallpaper has been installed.  This will be finished off with panelling around the lower wall, a wooden floor and a totally over the top fabric ceiling.  The fabric ceiling will be in red as this was the only suitable fabric I could find in a manly colour but I am worried it will end up looking a little too much like a tart's boudoir.

To finish off this week, some better photos of the Steampunk Wizard's Tower:

There is a close up shot of the top floor too, only for some reason it refuses to load!


  1. it's so beautiful! I love how it has all come together.


  2. OOOH, I really like the start of the stone room! And the masculine chamber looks very promising as well! I think it should have a dark blue ceiling.... like a night sky.. he is a Wizard after all! I still can't get used to how small the Steampunk Tower is! It has such a Lovely exterior too!