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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Steampunk People

These are the people for the 24th scale Steampunk Wizard's Tower.  The first two are intended to be more wizard than steampunk and the other two more steampunk than wizard.  They were all made from my only 24th scale mould, so all look suspiciously alike.  As usual, my camera can't (or won't!) capture their full detail.

Tessa has been working at the desk downstairs and has just stood up to stretch her legs and greet the cat that has settled on the stairs.  As you can see, I've re-hung the Octopus light fitting in this room.  By hanging it closer to the ceiling than it originally was makes it less dominating and this way I think I can get away with such a large light in this small space.

Upstairs, Herbet, the Steampunk Wizard himself, has just been fetching some extra reference books and is heading back to his table tp resume his own work.

I've tried to strike a balance between steampunk and wizard in his attire.  He wears a white shirt, blue trousers and a gold foil waistcoat (vest) which all lean to the steampunk side.  Over these he has his more wizardly robe and obligatory pointy hat, the point of which has been curled around by inserting a piece of wire on the inside and then bending to shape.  His hat has been decorated with gold chain and small watch parts.

There isn't really space in the Tower for Sally and Sam, the more pure steampunk pair.  They will be going into storage until I get around to trying to make my Steampunk Airship.

The Tower is now finished, I just need to have another go at getting some decent pictures of it.  I'm not too sure what happened to this batch, they're either very dark or look like they had a yellow filter on them.  Hopefully, I will have some good photos of the Tower for next week's post.


  1. Amazing costuming on your dolls! And the wizard's hat is great!
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Hi Alennka! Your dolls look Wonderfully well done! I think the combination of the Wizard look and the Steampunk look is very interesting! As usual... your costumes are fantastic! I really enjoy seeing the Tower with the regular 1:12 fellow looking in.... it always helps to have a scale reference to get the idea of how small this project is! Keep up the great work!