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Monday, May 19, 2014

All We Need Is A Name . . . .

The Steampunk Airship is now finished bar one detail.  As usual it still hasn't been given a name.  At this point is likely to remain plain "Steampunk Airship" in perpetuity.

The balloon atop the mast is made from three polystyrene balls, some polyester stuffing and a red cotton fabric.  The net like rigging is cotton twine knotted and woven together.  The left side of the ship has been left permanently open to display the rooms inside.

The rear of the ship has a balcony that is accessed through the captains cabin and a pair of propellers.

At the front of the ship is an octopus-like figurehead made from paper clay.  The people aboard ship are polymer clay with the aid of a mould.

The captain is in her cabin studying the navigational charts to ensure they are taking the best route to their destination.

Sam is working on the engines (or what passes for engines, they still don't really look like sufficient machinery to make a ship fly).

Emily is not far away in the kitchen preparing lunch.

Less hard-working are Allen catching some sleep in his hammock . . .

 and Freddy taking a nap up on deck where the cargo hides him from view of his shipmates.

Sally has been given the job of steering the ship.

 If you're thinking that you've seen me do better projects than this one, I'd agree.  It always seems to be the case that the longer you plan and dream up ideas for a project, the more disappointing it is when you finally get around to making it.


  1. I know what you mean about the dream projects vs the real projects but I think this one is cute, it's steam punk that makes it cool :)


  2. I like your dream steam punk project, when i finish my real project I want to do a dream project. Go all out! The ship looks amazing and you put it together so quickly, I am impressed by your work speed. Hug AM