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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

More Movement

Most of the photo's you'll see in this post are out of date.  I've re-rearranged most of these rooms since the photos were taken.  Am I happy with the layout now?  Well, maybe for the next five minutes.  After that, who knows?

 The sitting room in the above photo looked fine with this furniture layout when the furniture was all bare balsa.  Once the chairs were upholstered this layout made the room look lopsided as there was a visually 'heavy' fabric on the left wall and along the front, but the right wall had nothing to balance this.  I could have tried painting the desk and side chair a dark colour to try and balance the room, but I wan't really happy with them in this position anyway so they were moved out and the two arm chairs moved into their position facing the sofa.  The front area of the room is now empty but at least the room looks more balanced.

Of course now I needed to find a new home for the desk . . . which ended up in the Music room which required the Music room to be rearranged which required furniture moving out of that room and into others which required those rooms to be rearranged . . . . and so it went on.

 One room that has managed not to change (too much) is the Library.  In here I've finished off the desk adding faux drawers and giving it a coat of paint.  I still need to repaint the legs of the armchair and top of the side table to match the desk.

 On the other end of the 'things that have changed' scale is the downstairs hall.  I decided I didn't like the wallpaper in here and so re-papered it with this green paper.  It was definitely better before and I have a feeling the paper on the walls in here will change again before this house is done.  The colour is just too strong for the size of the space.

 But there is one room that has worked and has only been rearranged when I've pinched the furniture to try it somewhere else.  The Red room doesn't really have a function - aside from looking impressive.  The twin cabinets are balsa wood with jewellery finding legs, faux hinges and pediments.  The round sofa is again balsa wood covered in red and gold brocade.

In this bedroom the bed is still in the same place but the other elements have moved.  The bed itself is a bit plain at the moment, but I'm having trouble finding fabrics in colours that will work with the wall colour and also something small enough to use as an embellishment on the bed head itself.  


  1. Hi Alennka
    Every time I see one of your posts, I am always amazed how you can get such lovely finishes on such a small scale!
    All the best

  2. I am trying to catch up here! You are always so busy and quick... it is impossible to keep up!
    I hope your Holidays were Merry!