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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Musical Chairs

One thing that can be said for the Box House, no one who lives there will ever be short of a place to sit . . . . there are two dozen assorted seats in the house.  If you have a particular favourite chair you may have trouble finding it though as I am still continually re-arranging the furniture through the entire house.

 Most of the furniture in the house is made from balsa wood like the desk and arm chair in the library.  The side table beside the arm chair is made from jewellery findings with a balsa top.

Another material used for the furniture is lace.  The small sofa in the left of the music room in this photo (which is not where it is now) is a balsa base on jewellery finding legs with a lace back.  Hopefully, once it is painted and upholstered it will look like it's been carved.

 Above the music room is one of the bedrooms.  For this room I've done something I've wanted to do for a while and copied the fabulous twin bed by June Clinkscales you can see if you click here.  Mine is no where near as good, uh, detailed but then it is only half the size/scale.  It began as a pile of balsa wood lumber and became this:

 I am really quite pleased with how it came out, the only problem is that it does rather dominate the room.  Any additional furniture I add to the room just makes it look over-crowded.  Yet just the beds looks too naked . . . .

Another thing I've wanted to try and make for ages is one of these round sofas.  It's base is is the lid from an empty pot of scenic water covered in black felt with wooden bead feet.  Atop this is a circle of balsa covered in red and gold brocade.  Sat on this are three more pieces of balsa shaped to create the 'backs' of the seats.

The most difficult room to arrange has been the music room.  I never should have added the raised area and made the opening to the rear 'corridor' more central.  This is the best arrangement I've come up with and I upholstered the furniture to suit this room to stop myself from re-considering and moving it out to another room.  Hopefully. . . .


  1. Unos muebles muy bonitos,la casa te está quedando genial!!!

  2. This is great, you are showing how you do not need expensive minis to make something look so fantastic

  3. How about fake drawer fronts on the wall like it is built into the wall?