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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Top Two

The construction and rough decoration of the top two floors of the castle have now been finished.  The ceiling of the top floor rooms are sloped to allow for the pitch of the roof line.

On the left side both rooms feature (paper) wood panelling and patterned wallpaper.  The top floor has been sunken by a few steps so that I could add steps leading up to the door in the back wall.  As I've previous mentioned, these Petite Properties doors are a little low to be what I consider 'in scale'.  By adding a few steps leading up to them it makes them look taller and thus more to size.  Sadly I only figures this out in time to use the trick in this one room . . . the rest of the castle just has really short doors.

On the right side these short doors aren't such a big issue as they are not viewed directly against the larger archways I cut into the stair tower.  There are four rooms over the top two levels on this side.  The rooms on these top two levels will all be bedroom suites (i.e. bedrooms with private sitting rooms, bathrooms, etc).

Left Side
Right Side

 All together, the castle has eighteen rooms (nineteen if you count the stairwell) that all need to be furnished and filled.  I haven't decided yet whether to fill the rooms and then finish the exterior or to do the outside first.  It all depends on how I decide to enclose the sides.