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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Romans and Room Dividers

The 48th scale Roman dining room is now furnished.  It has three wooden chaises arranged in a 'u' around a central table.  Romans would dine reclining on chaises quite similar to mine so they must have been more comfortable than they look.  In the Mediterranean climate, piling them with cushions would probably have made them too hot so I've added a single cushion of maroon felt to each chaise just for a little colour and interest.   The room is still missing some food and drink.  I will make this from polymer clay next time I have the clay out for something else as it doesn't seem worth the effort to pull the clay out just to make a few things to sit on a table less than an inch in diameter.

The 24th scale town house is looking a great deal less polished than the Roman room.  Most of the levels in the house have had flooring installed.  The exception is the third or middle level.  This is because I haven't quite decided where I want to divide the rooms on this level and I naturally want to try and hide the join in the flooring under this divide.

The rooms on this level won't be divided by a solid wall though. I took some 12th scale plastic fence railing, cut it into pieces, re-arranged them and glued them back together between strips of balsa wood to create this room divider:

 Now I just need to decide whether it should be dividing the room so that it leaves a narrow passage along the stairs and a large single room space on the floor or if it should be positioned more centrally to create two even areas.

In the basement, the kitchen floor has been started using polyfiller to create a stone effect.  It still needs a few more layers of paint at this point.  Some plastic coated cardboard tiles line the recess for the range/oven.  The right side of the room has been raised up a couple of steps just to add a little interest to the space and to make it really hard for me to get paint down to the narrow bit at the back and no doubt to make it hard to get the furniture to work in the space later on.  That is of course despite the fact the furniture will be custom made for the space.

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  1. me encanta como has amueblado el salón,los sillones son preciosos!!! Y ese divisor de ambientes tiene un aspecto genial!!!