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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Finished Off

The 24th scale house is now finished.  Overall, the house has eight rooms over five floors.

On the top floor is the Lab where the resident doctor can conduct scientific tests.

The room is filled with reference texts and storage for various chemicals.

Next door to the Lab is the bathroom.  This room doesn't feel terribly plush; somehow it feels like a room you wouldn't want to linger in if it were a 'real' room.  I think I'm going to give up doing bathrooms for a while as they never seem to quite work.

And on the subject of rooms that don't work out quite right there is this 'masculine' bedroom.  The only thing about this room that looks right for a bloke's room is the furniture.  Everything else is entirely to floral and lacey for a man.  I could change the feel of this room quite easily by changing the wallpaper and bed coverings but I do quite like it as it is.  It's just too bad it's nothing like it was supposed to be . . . .

Next door to the bedroom is the hallway where the maid is busy with a red feather duster cleaning the stair rails.

Working in 24th scale, 12th scale tester Harry hasn't had much work to do lately.  He got tired of just sitting on the shelf and decided to try out the bed, but just couldn't get comfortable.

Down another floor is the sitting room which also doubles as a music room as evidenced by the cello and upright piano.

On the ground floor is the doctor's surgery (or consulting room, office, etc).

The doctor is busy with a patient . . .

While another patient waits in the hallway next door.

Then Harry interrupted the consultation to complain about the cramped accommodations.

Finally, on the ground floor is the kitchen.  Here the cook is busy making a pie for the evening meal.

Remember way, way back when I started the 24th scale house I also started on a couple of 48th scale roomboxes?  I had left the Roman dining room unfinished as it seemed silly to pull out the polymer clay just to make a few dished that could all sit on my thumbnail.  When I finally reached the stage of making clay goodies for the 24th scale house, I also made those last few additions for this room as well.  The central table is now filled with a selection of rather unconvincing foodstuffs.

And poor Harry still can't find a comfy spot to stretch out.  Unfortunately for Harry my next task is to create seven more rooms like this one to fill up the small display unit so that I can finally get it and all ten little boxes out from underfoot.

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  1. Te ha quedado preciosa,cada habitación,está llena de detalles geniales,has trabajado muy bien ésta escala tan pequeña,enhorabuena!!!!!!