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Monday, May 13, 2013

A Little Fur-ensic Evidence

I accomplished quite a lot in miniatures this week . . . but can't show you any of it because the work was done on my entry in this year's DHE competition and I can't reveal it until after the entries close in September.

I did do a little work on Bellerose House, but it's not much to look at.  I applied some textured paste to the exterior of the newly added bathroom/spare room to blend it into the finish of the existing house.  This takes forever to dry, so it's slow progress.  After a couple of coats I thought I was ready to apply a coat of paint over the whole exterior to tone it all in together and the outside would be finished.  Then I saw this:

If you can't see what the mark in the surface is, perhaps this photo of the cupboard beside the house will help:

 The trail leads right to Charlie the cat's favourite cat bed.  Good job he's so cute or there'd be trouble!

Once I've fixed the footprints and given the outside a final coat of paint, I'll be ready to start decorating the inside of the house.  The dining room walls will be covered with the beige and white scrapbooking paper in the below photo.  The yellow paper I bought for Preston House last year but decided not to use.  It will go in Bellerose House's bedroom.  The pink and teal fabric may be used in the Rec room, but I am worried it won't work with the wallpaper I want to use in the adjoining Sitting room, but I won't know if it does or not until the Sitting room paper arrives.

Although the order with the Sitting room wallpaper has yet to arrive,the rest of the goodies have arrived in the mail.  The plaster cornice/coving is for the gothic themed sitting room.  It's from Sue Cook Miniatures  and is probably the last thing I'll be buying from there, not because of the service or quality of the items but simply because the postage from the UK cost more than the price of the already expensive moulding.  And that's after Sue discounted the postage cost a little.  UK postage charges are just criminal these days!  The doors came from a mob called Minaco on ebay.  For around $8 you get three pairs of door facings.  You can either glue a pair to either side of a piece of wood to make a "real" working door or simply glue one panel to a wall and surround with some trim/framing to create a fake door.  They are a great idea and the cheapest way I've come across to make panelled doors.  The tiles came from Jacquies Miniatures.  The green "modernist" tiles are for the bathroom while the white tiles are for the kitchen.

Provided Charlie neither walks through it, sits on it or eats it, there should be something worth looking at in Bellerose House by this time next week.

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