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Monday, August 30, 2010

Blue Room - Weeks Four and Five

Blue Room - Week Five
Originally uploaded by Alennka
The past couple of weeks have been very busy in a non miniature way, but hopefully things are going to be calming down now. Being busy not much has happened in the Blue Room, but I have managed to do some more work dressing the bed.

Too bad what I've done is terrible.

I can't buy any more of the blue fabric I'm using as the store doesn't have any more left. I want enough left to make curtains, but I don't think there will be, so do I try and make do with what I've got left or do I redo the bed curtains/drapes so they look . . . . well, good.

I need to see what fabrics I can get my hands on to try and find something that will work. If I can't find anything . . . . I guess I'll have to put this room on hold until I find an answer.

Meanwhile, the Sunset Garden is finished. I'll add a separate post for it soon and next I'll finally be able to start on my Inn and/or my Regency room.


  1. It looks very luxurious with a hint of the exotic. :) I like the pleated ruffle particularly.

    Is the blue fabric from one of the bigger chains like Lincraft or Spotlight? We have both here if you know the name of your fabric so I could look for it.

  2. Hi Christine,

    Yes, the fabric is from Spotlight . . . it's the only shop in town that sells fabric!! It's also one of only two craft shops. This wouldn't be such a bad thing if they actually had what I wanted when I wanted it!

    Thanks for the kind offer to try and find some of the fabric, but if your Spotlight is like mine and gets things in once then never again, chances are you'd be wasting your time as I did pick the fabric up about a year ago.

    For the record it was "faux silk dupion" which was not only much cheaper than the real thing but it is much less stiff than the real thing and so easier to drape. It's other advantage is that the front and the back of the fabric is completely different in colour and texture, so it's a bit like getting two fabrics in one. Or in short, if you do see any in your local Spotlight, I'd reccomend buying some to use yourself!