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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sunset Garden - Weeks Seven and Eight

Sunset Garden - Complete
Originally uploaded by Alennka
Finally, the garden is finished!! (At least for now). After planting the premade flowers I bought the only thing left to do was make the dragon to sleep above the garden gateway.

To make the dragon, I call him Clarence, I started by crumpling alfoil into roughly dragon shaped lumps connected by bits of wire and shaped the foil to fit the space above the gate. I then gave him a "skin" of polymer clay in a shade of lilacy-purple. The clay was then smoothed all over and built up where neccesary until Clarence's body looked about right in shape and size. He was again fitted on the gate to make sure he was still the right size. Next he was given some personality by adding a face, horns, toes, claws and a ridge down the centre of his back. His horns and claws were made from translucent Sculpey while the rest of him was the one shade of clay as his main skin. When all of this looked about right (which was after much fiddling) I made a pair of wings from a slightly lighter mix of clay and pressed some berry coloured wire along them for extra interest. Once these were attached, Clarence was ready to be baked (dragons do like heat remember).

Once out of the oven, Clarence was stippled with some gold pearlecent paint (that looks more silver) to give an impressions of scales and so he would look like he was reflecting the light of the setting sun. Lastly, his "eyelashes" were painted on and he was glued in place above the garden gate. Working with polymer clay was never a particular skill of mine, so I'm really quite proud of Clarence.

Clarence's addition to the garden finished it off, largely because there literally isn't room to squeeze anything else in. Standing back to look at the finished product, I think I should have put a tree or something with a bit of height in the middle of the garden so I may one day uproot a bush or two and add one if I find a tree suitable to the task. As usual, you can see all the photos of the garden in my flickr photostream here : http://www.flickr.com/photos/dollshouses/sets/72157624474785104/

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