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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Blue and Green Should Never Be Screen

I have to appologise for dropping out most of this past week and not acknowledging any comments left on the blog.  I've been busy with work.  I will get around to addressing the comments . . . eventually.  I have three more new followers to welcome; Isabel (morgana135), Mona and Petra.  Welcome to the blog and thanks for following.

The good news is that I finally have the giveaway prize sorted, but the bad news is that I've decided to keep it a secret until I draw the winner, so you'll have to wait until later in the week to find out what it is.  I'm also working on another tutorial.  It's related to the giveaway prize and I'll hopefully add it after I announce the winner.

In the castle bedroom, I rearragned the furniture and cut a little length of the bed so it sits along the back wall.  I decided to use the raw wood screen I'd been using to represent a fireplace in the centre room next door as a permanet feature of the bedroom.  I painted the back of the screen a deep blue and the front "antique green" which is a soft blueish green.  They do say that blue and green should never be seen, but I've never understood that rule, mostly because I was wearing a blue and green stripped top that I absolutely loved when I first heard it said.  As the dominant colours on the tiles on the upper walls of the room are blue and green, blue and green the screen is.  The panels of the screen were inset with pictures with a fantasy theme (dragons, unicorns, etc) cut from old cross stitch catalogues and the edges were painted in gold.

Next door in the Centre Room, I still haven't decided quite what to do, but I have walled in the spiral staircase.  I sitll need to smooth out and paint the handrail to match the rest of the woodwork, but I think the room looks better this way already.  Artie is standing in the doorway that accesses the staircase just to prove that it's there while a mysterious lady in purple is climbing the stairs.  Having someone climbing the stairs gives them some more interest to look at and the only way to put someone on the stairs was to do it before closing them in.   She's just a cheap doll in a very hasitly made gown, but works quite well in this position.

In the Witch shop, Hetty's bed arrived in the mail early in the week, so the first thing I did was assemble and dress it.  The valance (or bed skirt) is a pre-pleated fabric simply glued around the base of the bed.  The bedspread is a printed cotton while the throw over the foot was a pre-rushed fabric.  Next door in the Reading Room, the shelves are filling up with books, but it looks like Hector and Agatha have been up to mischief.  There are cups of tea all over the floor, Agatha is sliding slowly toward the floor, the "monster under the bed" has taken refuge in the fireplace and Hector seems to have found himself a naked, bald floosy.  Perhaps it was more than tea in those cups?


  1. Pues a mí me gusta esa combinación de colores!
    Un abrazo

  2. Me encanta la combinacion de color, pero ademas me encanta como te esta quedando todo.
    Esa escalera es perfecta, una gran idea lo de llamar la tencion poniendo una muñeca en ella.
    Por cierto estoy haciendo una casita de bruja y mi bruja se llama "Agatha" jejeje
    besitos ascension