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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Highcorft Castle - Week Twelve - Part Three

Aside from the major changes in the kitchen and treasury, there have been a few minor changes to other parts of the castle. The catacombes have continued to receive layers of paint in order to achieve the "right" colour. I think I'm about there, I just need to highlight some of the individual stones for a bit of variation and make things look a little bit grubby.

I have made the skeleton of the bed for the royal suite. Now all I need is some fabric to dress it. I've been to the only store in town that sells fabric and as usual, they have nothing that will work. It needs to be something suptuous, vibrant and that looks like it belongs in a castle. I guess I'll have to try and find something on the internet. I have taken the purple/gold fabric off the bedroom walls and replaced it with more of the white paper I used on the ceiling. This just improves the look of the room no end and is how I should have covered the walls to begin with. It also means that I can use any colour of fabric in the room, which makes it easier to find something suitable. I hope.

The final piece of work on the castle this week has been on some furniture destined for the "Sorcerer's Study" at the top of the tower. I started with a plain and ordinary bookshelf and chest of drawers. I pulled the doors off the bottom of the bookshelf and replaced them with arches cut from a thin sheet of balsa wood. Around the top of the shelves I added some inverted plaster freize from Sue Cook Miniatures which gives the shelves a very gothic look.

For the drawers I made a base out of more balsa wood and some lengths of twisted air-dry clay. I want to add some decorative trim to this, and to the desk I'm yet to make. I first ordered some of this from the US back in February. When it arrived in early March, everything else in the package was right, but they'd sent the wrong trim. So I sent an email and they credited the length of trim. I them placed another order for a few bits and pieces and some more trim. That was about two months ago and I have yet to receive the order. The first time something went wrong, the seller was very understanding and even credited the item even though I did recieve something, albeit the wrong something, and was willing to keep it (I'll find a use for it one day). Someone pulled the wrong thing off the shelf and these things happen. This time I keep sending emails saying it's gone missing and can we track it at all and I don't get a response. Basically, I'm not happy and getting less and less happy everyday.

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