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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Mystery Room

One room, so many choices! I just can't decide what to do with the room on the middle floor of the tower. Here are some of my current ideas for the room and why I like or dislike the notion: Armoury Castles are defensive structures, so need a supply of weapons to be defended with. I included an armoury in the last castle I made and discovered that making good weapons isn't easy - all my swords came out wobblely for a start. Buying them is very expensive and to fill an entire room I'll need a lot of weapons. I don't think the location of the room is good for an armoury - it's too far away from where all the "action" would be. Lastly, I have already decided to incorporate arms into the Treasury, so adding a separate armoury would be duplication. Bedroom I've tried a single bed in the room and it takes up too much space in the room and doesn't look right at all. It could be a nursery with much smaller cribs and other early childhood bits and bobs. The problem with this idea is that I wasn't going to put a door in the doorway, so the children would be free to crawl out of the room - right onto a big staircase with no rails at all! It doesn't strike me a being particularly safe for the kiddies. Muniment Room The muniment room was a place for storing and displaying important documents. I think just about every miniature home I've ever done has included a library or study or just a room with lots of books and paper. In Highcroft, there is already the Sorcerer's Study with a shelf that will be filled with books and scrolls and yet another depository of written materials is earmarked for the catacombes. Do I really want yet another bookish room? How hard would it be to make display cases for the documents? Still Room The still room was where the herbs and other plant matter harvested from the gardens was turned into ointments, pastes and other concoctions to be used for eating, treating illness, cleaning and a variety of other purposes. Ideally this should be near the garden and probably out of the way of the rest of the castle because I'm sure from time to time there were rather unpleasant fumes were generated there. It should be added as part of the as yet unstarted right hand side wing of the castle which is where the garden will be. (Unless I decide to ditch the whole right wing and just stick with what I've already got of course). Throne Room No, not the sort associated with garderobes and cesspits! This throne room would be where the kings and queens of the kingdom granted audiences and listened to the concerns of their people. The main feature would be a very grand chair, raised on a dias with rich velvets draped liberally about. Again, the room is in a bit of a funny position in the castle to put it to this use, but has the least drawbacks (that have so far occured to me) of all my present ideas for this room. Weaving Room Basically, a room with a big weaving loom in the middle. Perhaps a spinning wheel. A few stools and pieces of sewing and material. The catch is am I able to make a convincing loom? Even with a pattern and instructions from an old dollshouse magazine, it still looks kind of complicated to me.

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  1. Is it possible to post a pic showing where this problem room is in relation to the others? That might help (me anyway!) suggest something. I'll have a think for you.