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Friday, May 28, 2010

Faux Rag Rugs

Months ago when I first started planning Highcroft I thought I might use some rag rugs on the floors. At the time I knew that a rag rug was as the name suggests made from rags and that they had been around long enough to look at home in a castle. When I did a little more research I discovered that rag rugs were made by essentially crocheting the rags together. This ended the idea of making rag rugs. There are some things that some people just can't do and crochet is definately in my "can't do" list. So I came up with the alternate idea of straw mats. If you've been following this blog, you'll know I recently spent a couple of weeks searching for a store selling mini straw hat braid to make some straw mats/rugs for my castle. You'll also know that I finally ordered some last week.
So what did I do this week?
The solar rug
The Sorcerer's Study Rug
I came up with an idea about how to make a faux rag rug and discovered that the result is quite effective. I found some knitting yarn in the local craft store, the kind that variates in colour and thickness as it goes along. It struck me as perfect for making a rug, so it came home with me. I smeared some tacky glue over a piece of plain fabric and starting at the middle pressed the yarn into the glue in a spiral until the rug was as large as I wanted. The resulting rug is a little bit eccentric in shape, not being a perfect circle, but looks quite effective once in position on the floor of the solar. A second rug soon followed for the Sorcerer's Study and I have more yarn in a colour to suit the bedroom to make some rugs for there too. By the time my order of straw braid arrives, the entire castle will probably already have it's full compliment of rugs. Perhaps the castle's inhabitants will need some straw hats?

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  1. I think these look really wonderful, Alennka! What a clever idea :)