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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Suggest-a-Name Giveaway!

 If you've been paying attention, you'll know I'm planning to turn my Stratford Bakery kit into a witches shop.  I've been thinking: now that the castle is coming along and is mainly in one piece instead of scattered around the room, perhaps I have room to start work on another project alongside it.  Easter is coming . . . Wouldn't that four day break be an excellent chance to make a start on a new project?

Alas, I have one problem.  The shop doesn't have a name.  The naming of things is not a strength of mine.  People yes, but things, such as shops, no.  So I am appealling to you to help me come up with a name for the shop and am offering a giveaway prize to reward one lucky suggester.

At the start of the year I offered a giveaway that was drawn at the start of February (two and a half months ago).  Sadly, the winner still hasn't claimed their prize despite my attempts to let them know about it.  So I am re-offering the prize which consisted of a faux window, a straw mat, a pair of wooden candle sconces and a few extra mystery items.  I hope to have even more additions to the prize ready by the time I re-draw it.

To enter the giveaway :

1)  You must be a follower of this blog (newcomers welcome)
2)  Leave a comment on this post.  Please include in your comment a suggestion for the name of the Witch Shop, or if like me naming things aren't your strong suite, a suggestion of something you'd like to see included in the shop.
3)  You may offer as many suggestions as you like, but you will only be entered in the draw once.  If you entered the giveaway the first time around you're already included in this re-draw.  If you would like to enter again you'll be given two entries and thus two chances to win.
4)  Entries will be open until 31st May. 
5)  The winner will be drawn at random, regardless of whether I choose to use your suggestion or not.
6)  Good Luck!

Finally, to help you think up suggestions here are some ideas I have for the shop:

This is the basic kit which will become the shop.  The shop will be in the ground floor room.  It will have sections like "hats", "herbs", "brooms" and other witchy things.  An internal staircase will be added leading to the room above.  In this second floor room will be the shops book section along with some comfy sofas and a fireplace where the local coven can converge to discuss the latest tome of spells over tea and cake.  The room on the right will be a bed-sit and home to Hetty, the shop's sales assistant.  Beneath this room I plan to add a wall along the back of the open section.  In the wall will be a door, probably meant to lead to the home of the owner of the shop.  Most of the space under the overhanging room will be made into a small garden.

Next photo is some of the items I've collected for the shop.  The doll is Hetty who will become the sales assistant.  The birdcage is either for the shop's familiar section or perhaps Hetty keeps a pet in her bedsit.  The table and cupboard are to display items in the shop.  If you look closely, you'll see the door knocker sitting on the door knobs of the cupboard.  This is for the door in the wall I'll be adding under the overhang room.  It was made by the wonderfully talented Nickycc whose shop can be found here:
http://nickycc.com/OnlineStore/index.php  Nicky also made Artie's new friends pictured below.

I have gone completely overboard at Nicky's store lately.  The two little dragons and the door knocker were my first order.  Before that one arrived, I went back and bought one of her mounted dragons heads and yesterday I saw on her blog that she had yet more new items that I had to have.  A cute little dragon on a perch among others.  These dragons will find a home in either the castle or the witch shop.

The inspiration to do a witches shop came from watching the progress of a member of the DHE forums, Dolly Donut.  You can see the images of her finished witches shop here : http://www.dollshouseforum.com/forum/home-sweet-home-gallery/6954-salestras-27.html

I would love to have a hat and shoe department like Janice's, (Of Being a Mini Mum blog)  http://onbeingaminimum.blogspot.com/2010/11/emporiums-hat-shoe-department-opens-for.html

I will add more details about the shop once i get started on it!


  1. You will have so much fun with this project. There are so many things you will want to include you will end up thinking of even more projects!!
    I am terrible at names....I still have four un-named shops! But please include me!

  2. Hi Janice,

    The rules do say you have to suggest something to enter, but as your blog is absolutely loaded with ideas, I'll let you have a free pass if you let me borrow a few of your ideas!

  3. I have 6 shops only one named lol but i am thinking of 'THE CROOKED BROOM' for my witchy shop and have no problems if you use the same one :D Linda x

  4. Hi Linda,

    Thanks for the suggestion. I like "The Crooked Broom" and will add it to my list of possiblities.

  5. I would love to be in your giveaway, Alennka! I missed this post earlier! How about....
    "Hetty's Horribles" or "Newts and Nightshade"..... or "Bats and Besoms" or "Fly by Night Brooms" or "The Toad's Tail".... I could go on... :)

  6. I hadn't entered because I am horrible at naming thingsbut here goes :) The Poison Potion Emporium.

    Your shop is looking really cute so far.


  7. I missed this post before so thanks for the reminder. Well I have a witches hat shop called 'Witchy Hollow' after a fav film the Sleepy Hollow. But now I have a new 'Glad Rags ' shop for my witches hats and brooms this name is redundant so Im passing it on to see if youd like it lol!! This will be such a fun project and I cant wait to do my own witches and wizards clothing store! Kate xxx