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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Witch Shop - Week One

Four days after taking the flat-pack kit out of the box, this is what the shop looks like:

The style of the building is Tudor, but the shop is set in a more modern era, perhaps Victorian.  So the shop is going to look "mixed" and have both old and new elements.  The interior walls for example have all been given a finish to look like rough plaster as might be expected in a tudor era building, but I have added colour to the walls where traditionally they would have been limewashed white.  The room on the ground floor also has wallpaper around the bottom half of the walls, the idea being to make it look like a recent addition to a much older style.  How well this works is something I've yet to decide.  I'm also not sure about the purple exterior walls.

I'm not going to go through how I did what's been done as most of it is the same as for other projects already blogged about (clay and impress mould bricks, pollyfilla plaster, etc), but do ask if you'd like an explanation of something in more detail.

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